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Rummy School

Here you can find everything you need to know about Rummy!

  • Read the Rummy manual and learn everything you need to know for a game step by step!
  • Our alphabetical glossary will quickly help you when you come across an unfamiliar term.
  • And we have a quick history of Rummy ready, if you are interested in the game’s origins.

Rummy Lessons

Lesson 1: The 101 of Melding

What experienced players will catch at a glance might not be obvious at all to many newbies. We are talking about potential combinations and melds here. We are taking a closer look at the topic so no meld will escape you, as hidden as it may be.

Lesson 2: Talk About Your Rummy Rules

The Rummy variant you have known all your life is not the standard everywhere and might even be a thing of rarity. That is why it is so important to clarify which rule set applies to your table before playing. Here, we introduce the available variations at the Palace.

Lesson 3: Your Fellow Rummy Players and Their Number

You can play our Rummy with two players, three players, or four players online. The fundamental framework remains the same. But different numbers of players result in different opportunities to approach winning. Find out here, which these are.

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Play Rummy Online

Welcome to the Rummy Palace! Here, you can play the card game classic Rummy for free and live against fellow players from around the world! We equipped our Rummy app with many exciting features to provide long-lasting fun and ever-new challenges!

Rummy Palace is made by Spiele-Palast GmbH. We want to give the joy of playing cards a digital home. Playing with friends and family is the favorite pastime of many people, after all! Thus, we provide high-quality implementations of online card games, building a vivid player community.

Get Smart

You can read the Rummy rules and details on the cards in our manual. For looking up single terms, you best turn to our alphabetic glossary. Please, also make use of the in-game help and tutorial! There are uncountable Rummy variations concerning the combinations, jokers, and the end of the game.
Hence, we offer you numerous custom rules at the Rummy Palace.

The Rummy Game

Whether you play Rummy online or offline, you need at least two players, 110 French-suited cards – six of which are jokers – and a big table. Rummy is a shedding game: You receive handcards at the beginning of the round, and the remaining cards become the face-down stock. Now, you play to be the first one to empty their hand.

You play clockwise, starting each turn by drawing a card from the stock or the discard pile. You must always discard a card to end your turn. Between drawing and discarding, you can meld cards, add cards to existing melds, and swap cards for Jokers.

You win a round of Rummy by placing your cards in the playing field and discarding the last one! Now, it is score time: Minus points for the remaining handcards are noted for each player. As the winner, you receive the sum of all minus points in that round as positive points. The whole game, which we call a table here, ends after playing a predefined number of rounds. Whoever has the highest total score wins! When playing Rummy online at the Palace, rules are enforced, and correct results are calculated automatically.

Rummy Online Free

At the Rummy Palace, you can jump right into the game. On mobile devices, you can start playing without registering an account, for example. Feel free to use the automated search for fellow players: Click Play to join matching players at a Rummy table. Alternatively, you can select a table by hand.

Your game is free, online, and comfortable at the Rummy Palace! You get to focus on your Rummy tactics while the playing field remains organized automatically. Additionally, we developed visually optimized deck patterns – especially for playing on devices with smaller screens and for tired eyes. After all, traditional card decks can vary in legibility.


When playing free Rummy online at the Palace, you can compete with your fellow players in our free league system and the competition area. Collect points, Chips, and rating points, getting closer to the top of the league. Connect with like-minded players in clubs and join the club league, or prevail in tournaments!

Play Rummy Comfortably

You choose how to play Rummy online – using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone! Rummy Palace is available cross-device and cross-platform. You can find us:

  • as a browser game
  • as Windows software
  • via Facebook
  • via Amazon
  • as an iOS app
  • as an Android app

Of course, our free Rummy app supports portrait and landscape mode on mobile devices. Especially when on the go, you are free to switch between playing with one or two hands. The game adjusts automatically and displays everything in optimal size.

By the way, you are automatically collecting experience points for each table you play. With those, you can unlock levels gradually, which also come with additional style options for your game!

So much for the modern possibilities of playing Rummy. If you want to learn more about the origin of the game, click here.

Boost Your Game!

If you have been playing at the Palace for a while, we recommend getting a Premium membership. Experienced players at the Palace enjoy the additional features a lot. As a Premium player, you can create your own tables using your favorite Rummy rules and deciding who can access your table.

Employing the numerous custom rules ad libitum is up to you. Combine Short Deck, Cyclic Sequences, and Win without Discarding, for example. This way, you can set up the Rummy rules you know and love! Or maybe you will even discover new variations and dynamics.

More Card Games

Along with Rummy, we offer various popular card games online: How about Rummy’s cousins Gin Rummy and Canasta? Or take a look at our trick-taking games Whist, Pinochle, Sheepshead, Skat, and Doppelkopf, try out the popular solitaire games Klondike, Easthaven, Spider, and Scorpion, or play a quick round of Mau Mau. You can play any Palace of Cards game in English.

Fair Play and Online Rummy

To give you a pleasant gaming experience, you can use various settings to protect your privacy and block out any troublemakers, should they bother you: Regulate your chat settings or use the report feature while at the same table.

You can always reach out to our support team at support@rummy-palace.com. They are monitoring the online Rummy games and always ready to look into your requests.

Shuffling cards is a recurring topic of discussion in online Rummy. To ensure optimal and fair shuffling results, we use an absolutely safe card shuffling method, which was tested and approved by an independent institute.

We take all these measures to ensure conditions as equal and fair as possible for everyone. As part of the game community, you can contribute, too:

Fair behavior towards fellow players and taking the occasional lost game easy benefit the atmosphere for everyone. After all, we are all here for the fun in the free Rummy online card game!